How we do it
Yellow motivation believe in combining life-coaching with creativity. The reason behind this became clear when Karin Claesson (director) was studying arts and at the same time finished her psychosynthesis coaching course. The way the two subjects spoke to each other and helped her personal development on both sides amazed her. There was no longer a question that Yellow motivation had to offer the youth of Swaziland a combination of both. We also believe that it's important to share our experiences with each other, therefore we arrange motivational speakers to come and share their life stories with the youth and also encurage and educate young people to become Motivational Speakers themselves.. 
  1. Motivational speakers
    Sometimes its hard to believe that we can do it. Therefore Yellow motivation wants to give the youth of Swaziland a chance to see that IT IS possible, regardless how hard it might seem. This is made by arranging motivational speakers to come and share their stories with the youth. Swaziland is full of inspiring people who have been forced to tackle problems which seemed impossible, but they MADE IT. Motivational speakers are arranged to come and speak at schools, youth centres, hospitals etc.
  2. Coaching
    Yellow motivations main focus is coaching. We offer “one on one” coaching sessions and group coaching sessions. The group sessions are partly meant to help youth open up and talk about topics that today is considered taboo to talk about. They also help youth to widen their awareness of their situation, identify their problem areas and help them find the way to make a plan moving forward in the direction they want. The “one on one” sessions are offered to give support on a personal level. Some youth need extra support and most of all someone that listen to them as they often don´t have that possibility at home. Yellow motivation is aiming to be able to offer help on a therapeutic level in the future but at this stage we have a network for those who need support on a deeper level.
  3. Creative Activities
    Yellow motivation believe in the strength of creativity and how it makes us grow on a personal level. Personal development and creative development in combination is a very strong tool, something the staff at Yellow motivation have experiences themselves. Therefore we arrange creative activities for youth at schools, youth centres, hospitals etc. It can be everything from having the youth do their own paintings to visit an arts museum, from having the youth write their own poems to visit a poetry theatre. There are no limits of ideas when it comes to this part, the more creative we are in coming up with different workshops and visits the more we let loose the youths creativity and from there their personal development.